Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Come Down Softly"- Lemonade

Occasionally with song titles I'm stuck in a loop wondering which came first, the title or the song itself? I know usually the title will come last, the Beatles' "Yesterday" was famously demoed as "Scrambled Eggs," but in some cases the music seems tailored to the title. I'm convinced Built to Spill's Doug Martsch figured out how to get the bands guitars to echo into infinity after scrawling the title "Randy Described Eternity" on a piece of paper. The most likely reason for "Anarchy in the U.K."'s sound is that the mangy Sex Pistols wanted to match the calamity suggested in the rebellious title.

Brooklyn electronic pop outfit Lemonade's new song "Come Down Softly" belongs in this category. "Come Down Softly" suggests a slow, feathery fall onto a mattress and that's the mood Callan Clendenin and company fashion here. Clendenin's voice hardly rises above a whisper. Alex Pasternak's drums alternate between thump and unobtrusive ticking. The group's tropical flavored synthesizers wash over everything like waves from a lagoon. At a critical juncture Clendenin soulfully murmurs "a place that I know, this time I'm not alone, the hair bangs on your shoulder breaks my fall." There's no gigantic drop-off, just a gentle ride into the sunset.

Lemonade's third LP Minus Tide is out on Cascine September 9.

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