Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Holy Ghost"- Jeezy

It's easy for Atlanta rapper Jeezy to sound serious. If he told you through his permanently strained voice that he'd bust your head or saw someone die, you'd believe him. But the downside of that rasp is that it doesn't allow for much introspection. It's tough to sympathize with Jeezy because he sounds impervious to pain.

And while "Holy Ghost," the fourth song released from Jeezy's upcoming Seen It All, seems equally impenetrable; it isn't. Hiding behind Jeezy's chants of "we lust for alcohol and we love women" and the detached alien synthesizer is a glint of emotion. When he asks "where'd it all go wrong?" he's confused and borderline scared. From an outsider's perspective his rise from time in a "boot camp" for narcotics possession to Grammy-nominated artist is improbable. And Jeezy's clearly still grappling with the improbability. He's more concerned about the time someone stole a friend's brick than he is about the current Billboard charts. So when he raps about reclining in his Rolls-Royce Ghost it's not brazen consumption. It's an attempt to sleep comfortably, to find one dream from the past among so many nightmares.

(You can listen to "Holy Ghost" here. Seen It All drops September 2 on Def Jam.)

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