Monday, August 4, 2014

"Big Dusty"- Joey Bada$$

My favorite description of Joey Bada$$'s "Big Dusty," is one supplied by Soundcloud user CooleztMan, "This beat make me chill but lyrics get me hype." It's not just appropriate for this latest track, but most of the work the 19-year-old's been crafting for two years. His old soul caw in "Hardknock" only makes alliterative brags to "Take the competition out commission with my composition," more threatening. A "conscious" line from the same verse, "Teachers should teach us to get Smith & Wesson’s off of the street," could inspire riots in the right circumstances because Bada$$'s timbre is so weary you want to do something to change it. The beats inspire relaxed head nodding, but his words are rallying cries.

So it is with "Big Dusty," the first single from his upcoming debut studio album B4Da$$. Pro Era crew mate Kirk Knight's production "bangs" without pulverizing. Drums warmly crackle over little meandering keyboards. Its noirish boom-bap or a pitch-black weed anthem where Bada$$ is so high he's "staring down at the devil." So seductively dark is "Big Dusty" that Bada$$'s promise to "Release and squeeze, might put a Halloween between your spleen," sounds unbelievably cool until you realize what he's saying. When you're too busy nodding along, you miss a lot. And with all Bada$$ still has to say that's a huge mistake.

"Big Dusty" is out on iTunes tonight at midnight and B4Da$$ drops some time this fall.

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