Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"OICU" ft. Le1f- Kelela

"My body's so impatient now," indie R&B artist Kelela paradoxically sighs on new track "OICU." While being unable to bear sexual tension any longer is a common R&B trope, nothing about the L.A. singer's collaboration with NYC electro-rap hybrid Le1f and Kansas City producer P Morris suggests impatience. 

Kelela's voice climbs up Morris' walls of rewinding whooshes and moaning synthesizer like ivy. In his eyeballing opener, Le1f drawls compliments "I think you're hella rare" through thick layers of AutoTune. He wants to head out the front door, though his unhurried tone suggests he's comfortable waiting. The outside world is all about change; in an insular club time comes to a standstill. There's plenty of time to "tell me where you wanna go," as Kelela calmly demands with handclaps backing her. Fiery passion and embracing the heat of the moment is enjoyable, but "OICU" prefers the slow burn.

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