Friday, November 22, 2013

"More"- Rich Kidz


If you're tethered to making comparisons when you talk music, Rich Kidz are certain to drive you insane. "They sound like Future" you fervently proclaim when the syrupy Auto-tuned hook comes wafting in. Confronted by the insistent half-snarl stuck in punchline mode you recast your ballot for 2 Chainz. On the other side, their frequently booming orchestral churn can't help but recall Gucci Mane's procedurals. And something about the duo's gleeful abandon invites comparisons to the eternally youthful Soulja Boy. The commonality between all these divergent interests? Atlanta.

On new track "More"; rappers Skooly and Yung Pu proudly wear the influences of their fellow ATL-natives on their sleeves. Produced by Gucci collaborator London On Da Track, "More"s chintzy synthesizers and lunkheaded bass bolt out of the gate like Roddy White in the midst of a 40-yard dash. The earworm hook revolving around "now my shoes cost more than your outfit" is half-slurred, but still potent. There's a yearning in the wavering hook, they've seen greener pastures and want over at any costs. "I need them m's" is declared with the urgency of a jacker on his last leg. A wraith-like synth floating into the mix threatens to turn "daydreams of paper" into nightmares. But the steely resolve of "forever, imma make it last" ensures longevity. Down the line, the notion of "solitary" is invoked just as audience applause dies down. However, nothing about the Rich Kidz' wide-eyed world is insular, they're absorbing everything and chasing whatever is in sight.

Rich Kidz new mixtape A West Side Story dropped Tuesday and can be downloaded here.

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