Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's New(s)?

Lip$ha no longer happening

Anyone holding on hope for the release of the Flaming Lips planned collabo with Ke$ha, can bid that dream goodbye. Today frontman Wayne Coyne solemnly announced via Twitter, "As of now... sadly there will be no Lip$ha," Coyne said. "I can't say why... It is sad..". While recording for the Flips Heady Fwends collection last year, Coyne cycled through the band's Rolodex to land on the left-of-center pop singer. The odd couple clicked, as Ke$ha and Coyne exchanged blood and tattoos, and Ke$ha (a professed fan) attempted to score acid to share with the sonic pranksters. Coyne announced the roughly titled Lip$ha back in April, but now it is no more.

The Flaming Lips Peace Sword EP is out now digitally, and if you're lamenting the loss of Lip$ha take solace in their one collaborative effort: the still excellent "2012".

"2012" ft. Ke$ha & Biz Markie

St. Vincent reviews Reflektor

"THE BASS TONE IN "HERE COMES THE NIGHT TIME" IS SUPER-SICK! PERVERSE-SOUNDING! LIKE A BARGE CAREENING INTO AN ICEBERG! INEVITABLE DOOM!" the deceptively demure Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) writes in her endlessly entertaining review of Arcade Fire's critically lauded Reflektor. Freelancing for The Talkhouse, which serves as forum for musicians to review others work, the guitar paramour discusses Googling all the questions Reflektor poses like "Is Seymour Stein still alive". Clark also take a temporary timeout to debate the evolutionary science of jocks vs. musicians, while applauding Win Butler's basketball prowess. Maybe if Clark reviewed Daft Punk's latest offering, she'd get that Nile Rogers reply she's looking for.
Clark is far from the first musician to log time reviewing for the site. Lou Reed previously dissected Yeezus and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend gave dap to "Hans" in service of writing on Nothing Was the Same.  
You can read the whole St. Vincent review here, and listen to her pairing with David Byrne on "Cissus" from the 2013 release Brass Tactics below. 

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