Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Man of the Year"- Schoolboy Q

For anyone keeping tabs on the blog on a regular basis, odds are you've seen the glowing write-ups revolving around the Chromatics instant-classic "Cherry". "Cherry"s a song rankled by paranoia, worrying about conditional relationships and fleeting moments (like a kiss) that seem to have the weight of the world bearing down on them. Initially I wrote, "Cherry" embodies what Rodney Dangerfield once referred to as "the heaviness", a ghastly creature preying upon your every move; out of sight but never fully out of mind.

Schoolboy Q's "Man of the Year" which features "Cherry"s crying synthesizer upends that heaviness without breaking a sweat. What was once a backbeat to the world's most sullen dancefloor is reconstituted as party central. Here everything's bouncing around and everyone's "getting hype for the sound" to distract from the downbeat material. Where Ruth Radlet wearily declared "I can't keep crying", Black Hippy crewmate Q is offering up "peace and love" unfazed by any mortal danger lurking around the corner. "Home of the paid on the first, then probably going broke by the third" Schoolboy reflects in his affected snarl. But even that brief turn to the dour is just another springboard back into the song's effortless trap-bounce. The only fleeting moments here are the moments of struggle.

"Man of the Year" is from the upcoming NBA2K14 soundtrack.  As for Schoolboy Q's next album, Oxymoron is still without a release date, though Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony Tiffith assures it will be announced "early next week".

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