Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What's New(s)?

Eminem announces new album

Sunday night amidst all the feverish Miley Cyrus coverage, Eminem announced The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (out 11/5) via Beats commercials. Em's output since the monolithic Marshall Mathers LP has careened through mountains and valleys (as I dissected heavily in my recent piece for Critical Hip Hop), but this release promises Dr. Dre & rap svengali Rick Rubin as executive producers, so there is some cause for celebration. Also, Em's back to rocking the bleach-blonde hair look which is never a bad thing. Check out the fast-rapping new single "Berzerk" below, which heavily samples Billy Squier's blustery "The Stroke" and lovingly apes the album cover of Rubin's first production masterpiece Radio.

TV On The Radio debut new song


Following last month's bracing "Mercy", TV On The Radio has reappeared with the fragile, tenderly constructed "Million Miles". Though no promises of a new LP have been made yet, it certainly looks like the Brooklyn band is stockpiling for a release. Check out the new track here, which features an environmentalist finding a new wonder drug out in the jungle; a feeling Tunde Adebimpe's lush falsettos clearly evoke.

The National lighten up


The National's latest LP Trouble Will Find Me leitmotif was resignation and waiting, evinced by clear highlights "Slipped" and the Joy Division chug of "Graceless". Berninger's sepulcher vocals were searching for a shortcut out of "the waiting," turning to powder and pill alike for a solution to the untenable equation. While the monochromatic color scheme of the new video maintains that starkness, the band's shenanigans fully betray it. Dawning their best suits the band can be found lounging by the pool, sipping on sodas, and indulging their inner Dave Mirra. Moving out into world, the band is taking Berninger's advice near the end of the meditation: "Put the flowers you find in a vase, if you're dead in the mind it will brighten the base. Don't let them die on the vine, it's a waste." Waste not, want not. 

Check back again tomorrow for the newest in new(s).   

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