Friday, August 30, 2013

"Waiting Game"- Banks

The moment Banks' trembling voice alights on the bed of minor piano chords and disembodied vocals found in "Waiting Game" her fall tour pairing with the Weeknd starts to make sense. Like Tesfaye's lothario alter-ego, she displays a shadowy seduction in a soft quiver, "and if I'm feeling evil we've got nothing to gain." A twitching electronic pulse (courtesy of Sohn) envelops the track while she wonders "what if the way we started made it cursed from the start?" As the pulse grows louder, Banks becomes more uncertain "scared of even thinking bout what we are." The libidinal "the way you make me feel sexy" comes with a caveat: "but it's causing me shame." Physical desires take a backseat to the simple joy of shoulder-leaning. The Weeknd gallivants around with no concern, Banks carefully considers every step. The song isn't the same.

Banks' debut EP London is out September 10.



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