Friday, August 23, 2013

"Birds"- Death Grips

Somehow a subdued Death Grips effort is even more terrifying than their usual fare. Past efforts along the lines of "I've Seen Footage" presented MC Ride & Zach Hill midway through the fight, swinging in every direction to topple whatever power structure happened to draw their ire that day. The supreme synth manipulation of new song "Birds" captures an entirely different moment. One where Ride & Hill are stockpiling for war, gathering threats like bullets for the onslaught to follow: "I got right now between my legs, I put right now between your legs, I got today shoveling graves, I got tomorrow turning in your grave." Hill offers up drum rolls that never quite materialize into gut shots, while severed guitar loops slowly bleed out. For now there's only a grey cloud in the horizon, we got "tomorrow coming"; the storm is on it's way. 


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