Monday, November 14, 2011

A Story of Change That Came with Wings

"Blue Sky"- Common

Mr. Blue Sky has officially announced the tracklist for his forthcoming The Dreamer, The Believer LP. From the looks of things, Com' is going to including everything he's put out in the run-up to the album, including the Nas feature "Ghetto Dreams." Also of note is the track titled "Pop's Belief," which could be a return to the "Pops Speaks" series which closed out several of Common's earlier albums. Finally, if it proves to be true, Common might just be the first rapper to have Maya Angelou featured on an album in official capacity. I guess we'll find out December 20th when the album drops.  


  1. I really glad Common is coming back.

  2. Yeah, to me his last two albums were really lackluster, mainly because they tried way too hard to be poppy. With him settling down, he's where he needs to be again. Cranking out lyrically brilliant, soulful-sounding hip-hop.