Saturday, November 12, 2011

Playtime's Over

Italian-disco singer Sally Shapiro
Shapiro's behind one of the deep cuts on my show tomorrow.

So every Saturday from 4-6 PM I host a radio show called the TwoThouSounds on 88.7 FM in Kirksville (KTRM or online at My friend and I played two hours every week of anything and everything from the 2000's. To me the 2000's was one of the greatest decades of "popular" music we have had yet, and it's now too young to be played on oldies, but also stuck "too far" in the halcyon days to "matter" anymore.

As part of the show, every Friday night I typically sweat over my hour of the playlist for hours on end. When I work on my playlist, I try to boil it down to not only what I think is great, but what I think people will want to hear.Maybe it's something they haven't heard in a long time or something completely  foreign to them. For example, on this show I'll be playing "Dilemma" ft. Kelly Rowland by Nelly (when's the last time you heard that on the radio?) and "He Keeps Me Alive" by Sally Shapiro (Modern Disco most have probably never heard before). An even greater struggle is putting the pieces together. You can't put the monstrous "Woman" by Wolfmother right after the acoustic acrobats of The Tallest Man on Earth. A good playlist has to wind like a river, if you zig-zag you leave the listeners to be drowned in a wave of confusion. So enjoy the playlist I've put together as you set sail down a tributary of tunes.

The TwoThouSounds (11/12/2011) Playlist

1. "The Middle"- Jimmy Eat World
2. "Woman"- Wolfmother
3. "My Doorbell"- The White Stripes
4. "Timorous Me"- Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
5. "All the Pretty Girls Go to the City"- Spoon
6. "Either Way"- Wilco
7. "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance"- Vampire Weekend
8. "Infinity"- The xx
9. "Dilemma" ft. Kelly Rowland
10. "He Keeps Me Alive"- Sally Shapiro
11. "Tightrope"- Yeasayer
12. "Xavia"- The Submarines
13. "Girl Inform Me"- The Shins
14. "The Gardner"- The Tallest Man on Earth
15. "I Will"- Radiohead
16. "Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)"- Sufjan Stevens

"My Doorbell"- The White Stripes

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