Monday, November 14, 2011

"I Got AIDS"

Another week has passed and Lil B has released another mixtape.

Yes you're reading that right, Lil B "The BasedGod," has released a new track entitled "I Got AIDS." The song  appears on Lil B's newest mixtape BasedGod Velli which was released today. On the song's official YouTube page The BasedGod urged his followers to, "love and respect everyone and get tested," among other things.

Rapper ?uestlove was less than supportive of the song, implying that Lil B's decision was a narcissistic move. Lil B has yet to respond, but given past events it is doubtful he'll go negative.

"I Got AIDS"- BasedGod Velli


  1. When I first heard that someone had released a song called "I Got AIDS", I was very skeptical and immediately thought it was a negative song. AIDS is not something to make light of, so I was offended. Reading this blog post, however, I'm very glad to see that it wasn't making light of the disease, but instead raising awareness. I'm glad you reviewed this.

  2. Yeah that's understandably the reaction of a lot of people. But Lil B tries to keep positive almost all of the time and this is just another great example of this.