Thursday, October 13, 2011

"No One Else is Doing This"

Artwork Childish Gambino's debut album.
Camp scheduled for a November 15th release.

Courtesy of the website Rapdose, the official tracklist for actor/comedian/rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has been released. The album is scheduled for a November 15th release and will be Gambino's first studio album have several mixtapes and one Internet-album (Culdesac). Gambino has high hopes saying, "I think it's a cohesive piece, and I wanted to tell a whole story with it." He went on to reference The Notorious B.I.G's '97 album Life After Death, which is well-regarded for it's rich narratives. Gambino is touring the country as part of his "Sign Up" tour and working on a music video for Camp's first single, "Bonfire." 

Official Camp tracklist:
1. Outside
2. Fire Fly
3. Bonfire
4. All The Shine
5. Letter Home
6. Heartbeat
7. Backpackers
8. L.E.S.
9. Hold You Down
10. Kids (Keep Up)
11. You See Me
12. Sunrise
13. That Power

"Freaks and Geeks"- EP 

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