Monday, October 10, 2011

Here's What's in Store

Abel Tesfaye, the singer of the "one-man project" The Weeknd.

If you don't already know who The Weeknd is, I'll back-track for just a second. The Weeknd is an alternative-R&B project out of Toronto headed by Abel Tesfaye. He has already released two well-regarded Internet-albums, House of Balloons  and Thursday, and grabbed all sorts of promotion from fellow Canadian Drake. For his promised third album this year, Echoes of Silence, Tesfaye has released the first cut from the album. The track, entitled "Initiation" has everything listeners have come to love about The Weeknd: manipulated vocals, lots of sex-talk, and all-sorts of promises of drugs. The song can be found on his official Soundcloud and is also streaming below. No official date has been announced yet for the album.

"Initiation"- Echoes of Silence

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