Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breathe In

Cover of dubstep-artist Joker's debut album.

Leading up to his debut full-length album release for 4AD, UK dubstep-king Joker released the title-track for the album, The Vision which is due out November 8th. The original song which featured arresting vocals from Jessie Ware, was labeled by some as "dubstep-pop," an insult of the highest order in the electronically-indebted dubstep community. Well if that was a minor offense, then the recent release of the remix is a cardinal sin. The remix adds a verse by rising Indiana gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs. While dubstep is no stranger to rap verses, they tend to feature UK artists and then only sparingly. So in a year that has already seen one dubstep artist sing (James Blake) and Kanye West embrace the style on his most recent album (Watch the Throne) I can only imagine what people will say about this. So before the backlash inevitably kicks in from the most pretentious of dubsteppers, enjoy the cut.
Joker doing what he does best, manipulating beats beyond all-belief.
As of late, the once reclusive artist has now opened up a lot more to pictures.

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