Monday, July 7, 2014

"I Got It" ft. Rich Homie Quan- Young Thug

At this point trying to keep up with Atlanta rap weirdo Young Thug's projects is dizzying. Last week I was fawning over the do-or-die, traphouse meets Galaga track "Cash Talk" which served as an update on his scheduled Metro Thuggin mixtape with Atlantan producer Metro Boomin. When imprisoned 1017 Brick Squad corporal Gucci Mane had four new mixtapes released on the same day in June Thug filled up an entire tape by himself. In May he unleashed his "bando bustin" yelps on T.I.'s "About the Money". And then we have Black Portland, the rapper's synchronous effort with fellow oddball Bloody Jay that's one of 2014's best mixtapes. 

Now comes Nerds, Thug’s team-up with producer C4 that's already yielded "OMG" with ratchet artist IAMSU! If the DJ Mustard indebted tune suggested "drunk", "I Got It" with rap crooner Rich Homie Quan begs to be cut-off. Thugga flails all around a spry C4 beat of brisk hi-hat tics and a sample of casual guitar playing; squeaking, yipping, and hollering "I got what you want" as only he can do. While Thug's "routine" can be reduced to "he cycles through a lot of voices and spits non sequiturs," it hasn't gotten old yet because of the unpredictability involved. Like someone who's been chronically over served, you never know what he's going to say next. "I Got It" operates as a giddy love song, but Thug could drop into gangster posturing at any second. In fact, he briefly does when pointing out "I'm a true Blood so it’s a B-cup" while discussing bra sizes. Quan never gets off a line quite as good, though hearing him mumble sing "I show my ass like baboons, I'm the king of the jungle" is pretty terrific. Really he's there to fortify Thug's weirdness. Rather than solve the enigma, he embraces it. Which is what anyone questioning Thug's auteur status should do. Rap's far more interesting with him around.

Nerds has no current release date, but I'll be all over it when it drops.

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