Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Rayman"- The Range

Adjectives like "bright" or "warm" and "calm" are all I can think to use when describing James Hinton's, aka the Range, contribution to Dropping Gems' fourth Gem Drops compilation. The Providence, R.I. native's track "Rayman" for the electronic label brings to mind a pleasantly sunny afternoon. "Rayman" is drum and bass for someone who wants to lounge in the shade of an oak tree on a July day or enjoy dubstep without breaking a sweat. The sedate pace of the synthesizer part is relaxing, bordering on hypnotic. Focusing on it for too long, I found myself nodding off at the keyboard while listening to the song. The hiccupping vocal samples Hinton incorporates never push into "frenzied" territory; they laugh without being overbearing. Even the requisite electro-bass rumbles the Range carefully builds toward aren't as dark as something artists like Lunice would do. "Rayman"'s the type of light, unhurried music that's perfect for the game it’s presumably named for. Sure you could rush straight to the finish, but why not leisurely spin over to a cloud instead?

Listen to "Rayman" now through Spin. Gem Drops Four arrives July 29 on Bandcamp and you can find the tracklist below:

Gem Drops Four:
1. "Shadow"- DJAO
2. "Actions"- Anenon
3. "Range Four Harry"-
Gouda Hoop 
4. "Falling"- Vandetta
5. "Give Me Something"- Ghost Feet
6. "Rayman"- The Range
7. "Jenny @ Da Pie Shop"- Rap Class
8. "We Do"- Shawn Don
9. "Wmn Too"- Philip Grass
10. "Funes"- M. Constant
11. "Souler"- Bone Rock
12. "Creepin"-
13. "Sunder"- Devonwho
14. "Frownin (Robot Edit)"- Free the Robots
15. "Mist"- Pixelord
16. "Last Drop"- Natasha Kmeto
17. "Krycek"- Braxton/Palmer
18. "Disappear Here"- Qloq
19. "Duke 6"- Time Wharp
20. "Layer Rush"- Marley Carroll
21. "If I Could"- Big Sigh

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