Friday, July 18, 2014

"Kitchen Song"- Oscar

On Oscar's "Open Up," the singularly named indie pop artist was quivering about being "stuck." Though the song itself was warm and glinting, the London-native was in a darkly lit bedroom wondering "what's the use?" The concept of romance itself seemed miles away, even if he managed to push the bed sheets aside and chase it all day he might not find it.

Euphoric new single, "Kitchen Song," still finds Oscar chasing romance but sounding far less defeatist about it. Over the cordial hum of a surf rock guitar he sets the scene, "I was talking to you last night and I thought that you were quite nice." Anyone who has ever struck up a meaningful conversation with a stranger in public has had the same joy that trickles out of Oscar's voice. We want to believe that if we overcome our fear of public speaking, we'll be able to form a genuine connection with someone. Oscar's imbued with that belief, so much so in the chorus he sings "I know I will find you, maybe now or one day soon," with a conviction matching "Kitchen Song"'s steadily clopping drums. He just needs to stop pacing around a crowded mini-kitchen and go out into the world. The knowledge is there, all that's needed is action.

Oscar's debut EP 146b is now out on Smalltown Supersound imprint Brown Rice. The AllFreshSounds blog will be covering the annual Pitchfork Music Festival all weekend in Chicago, so look for concert reviews and photos on the blog and Twitter account throughout the weekend.

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