Friday, May 25, 2012

"Ocean Floor For Everything"

For almost three years now, Tom Krell has mined the depths of despondent, stubbornly lo-fi music and found nothing but gold. Under the guise of How to Dress Well, Krell crafts angelic R&B tracks buried under avalanches of reverb. Last year's marvelous Just Once EP, was a revelation for Krell who cleaned up the audio and brought his pain center-stage for all to see.

The recently released "Ocean Floor for Everything" is a continuation of that painful show, and the first track to drop from HTDW's forthcoming album Total Loss. The song is a sonic cousin to Just Once's "Suicide Dream 1" and like the track, is a troubled trip down memory lane. "We never really plan for the worst of things do we?" Krell astutely asks midway through the track. It's one of the final lines Krell gets off in the song before he sinks into the ether, the weight of his past too much to bear.


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