Friday, May 11, 2012

"Black God"

Few rappers in the underground have proved a more compelling listen in the last year than Florida's own Spaceghostpurrp. The twenty-something rapper/producer shook the rap world up in 2011, releasing the uncompromising Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6. The self-release, subtitled 1991 was a blown-out mix of Three 6 Mafia indebted gothic beats chopped with Mortal Kombat samples and Godzilla roars. It was a far cry from the maniacal tracks Tyler, the Creator was cooking up for his own Goblin release. Where that record was unhinged lunacy, Blvcklvnd was a deeply troubled child with a devilish grin; strapped into a straight-jacket.

Now Spaceghost is readying himself for his first official LP, the forthcoming Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp. Due to drop June 12 on the 4AD label, the record is promised as a mix of new and old tracks. We've gotten tastes of the new with the previously released "No Evidence" and the hypnotic "Bringing Tha Phonk." Like those tracks, "Black God" is set to whisper and deceptively simple. Since the big league jump, Spaceghost's beats have been drastically cleaned up, but the darkness is still there.

The sound of crickets betrays the video's bustling locale as Spaceghost strolls through the night. For most of the video's two minutes, Spaceghost menacingly mugs for the camera, that same smirk scrawled across his face. "I got to have the world in my hands, I'm a God, I'm no longer a black man," he devilishly decrees. Blackness abounds on the track, threatening to consume the sunny Miami seen in the video. In Spaceghostpurrp's world, the only hope is a morning that may never come.

"Tha Black God"

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