Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Fast Cars, Faster Women"

Weed, wheels, and women. If you've followed Curren$y for any amount of time, you know these topics are his bread and butter. From his continually great mixtape run through the warm beats of last year's Weekend at Burnie's, the man has shown what he loves to rap about and over. Though the title of the forthcoming Stoned Immaculate, due out June 5 via Warner Bros., indicates more of the same for Spitta, the production list suggests otherwise. On the boards for the album we have: the opulent J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, the electro-stutter of the Neptunes, and the Southern trap of DJ Toomp. It's a list that seemingly puts Curren$y out of his comfort zone for the first time in years.

"Fast Cars, Faster Women" is the latest offering from the record and former Death Row rapper Daz Dillinger brings the beat. The track is a tweak of the G-Funk format and puts Curren$y in the pocket. "I still mack official minus the stripes and the whistle, that's cold game deliver Direct TV Sunday ticket," he coolly raps in the first-verse. It's a typical Spitta line, the seeming simplicity masking it's blunted brilliance. Dillinger plays clean-up on the second verse, and annihilates the laid-back beat with a cocksure snarl. It's the equivalent of a jarring alarm clock going off at 5 in the morning, a much needed wake-up call from the hazy night before.

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