Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"NY (Ned Flander)"

Just when you thought Odd Future couldn't get any darker in their videos, they go and drop "NY (Ned Flander)." The whole thing is a carry-over from the "Rella"video with Hodgy again playing a lecherous old man popping pills and glued to the TV. His verse is preemo Hodgy, sputtering lines with stupefying effortlessness. A minor-key piano underscores the track and is a step away from unleashing Michael Myers. Tyler gets infantile and is completely repulsive. Sitting in a high-chair, eyes bulging and teeth a sickly green, Tyler name-checks Jerry Sandusky and is left-stranded in a putrid bath-tube. The whole video is less than three minutes, but when you're trapped in a nightmare time always seems to stand still.

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