Thursday, March 22, 2012

Earl Sweat Attack Conquer

In what has basically been a benchmark week for the Odd Future crew we seen the release of The OF Tape Vol. 2, the live debut of Earl Sweatshirt and on the downside, the cancellation of Frank Ocean's long-awaited Nostalgia, Lite album. As major as of all that is, it pales in comparison to the first official interview Earl has given which took place on Hot 97 this past Tuesday. With Tyler on hand, Mr. Early Bird fielded questions about his time spent away from OF, but tended to be cryptic in his responses. The whole thing is wonderful exploration of the mind of Odd Future's most mysterious member.

In other major Odd Future news, a video for their posse-cut "Oldie" is now out. Unlike the vids for "Rella" and "Ned Flander," the "Oldie" clip is a no-frills affair and features the Wolf Gang kids standing around taking turns rapping, cypher-style. It's as chaotic as can be and a wonderful call-back to early videos like "French," and "Earl."

Earl Interview


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