Friday, December 6, 2013

"You're So Dark"- Arctic Monkeys

Don't say the title didn't warn you with this one. This one comes batting catty eyelashes, cloaked in a Dracula cape. Trade in whatever you're reading for a collection of Edgar Allan, and head to nearest cemetery gate, because that's where you'll find Arctic Monkeys residing on new B-side "You're So Dark". Death obsessed doesn't begin to describe it. The band's own warped take on a soul track, it slinks through the dark with a lurching bassline, mechanical drumming, and punctuated organ blasts pulled out of a Gothic-church basement. Alex Turner's voice lingers in a trance-like stance. Captured in a low-end drawl, he tells a story of someone willing to turn towards the darkness in the name of "love". "I know I'm not your type, because I don't shun the daylight, but I'm willing to start" he belts in the hook, showing the first signs of a pulse. There's no better way to feel alive than to have a brief brush with death.

Arctic Monkeys fifth album AM is out now on Domino, and "You're So Dark" will be backing the chugging AM cut "One for the Road" on a new 7" out this coming Tuesday.


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