Friday, June 28, 2013

"Perfect Form" ft. Shy Girls- Cyril Hahn

Up to this point Vancouver based producer Cyril Hahn had staked a claim on remixing cuts by pop royalty, in the case of "Touch My Body" he slowed them down and conversely turned up the sexual tense. Every coo, oh, and ah was rendered as a cloud of warm air to fog up a window on a cold winter night. But that's not the case on "Perfect Form," his debut single which will drop September 9 via the PMR label. Considering the label's do-or-die mission in the last month or so has been to release as much ecstatic dance-pop as possible, the move makes perfect sense. "Perfect Form" is utter euphoria for 4 straight minutes. Calculated slinking has been shed for a freewheeling dance-floor cut. Portland-artist Shy Girls (responsible for one of the great Indie R&B cuts of 2013 so far) provides the alluring vocals "she's got perfect form, I love it when she moves like that," with siren-like aptitude. On either side of the song, it's the only line he can muster, admitting "I'm so tongue-tied I don't even know my lines." Being this caught up in the moment, who really has time to think?

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