Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Dark & Stormy"- Hot Chip

At this point in their career, Hot Chip are fully capable of concocting inscrutable pieces of dance-pop. Over the course of 5 albums, starting with 2004's Coming on Strong, right through last year's resplendent In Our Heads, the band's created one of the most joyous catalogs of music made for the dance floor this side of Daft Punk. "Dark & Stormy" continues that proud tradition, even as the title threatens to rain on the parade. A distant piano figure slowly creeps in and floats over the track like a ghost on the water, but the sound is conquered by a leaden bass line. Alexis Taylor's vocals have that same ghostly pale to them, an unmistakeable grayness that fuses perfectly with the music. But by the time the chorus hits he's promising to outrun the sadness, doggedly determined the love that's been forged can conquer any storm. With such conviction, the clouds don't stand a chance.

The “Dark & Stormy” 10″ single is out 7/22 on Domino and alongside the title track will feature two new tracks and a series of remixes, including one by Major Lazer. 


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