Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kanye West- "White Dress"

Kanye West engages in a type of musical hand-ringing that's almost impossible to avoid. For all his conspicuous consumption, you get the feeling that he trade in that "other other Benz" for a normal-life in a heartbeat. That wish for normalcy is what radiates throughout "White Dress," Kanye's track for the RZA-helmed The Man with the Iron Fists

"Trying to sneak upstairs to your apartment, aren't you a sight for red eyes," he raps over auto-tuned soul vocals and the tiny twinkle of piano. Yeezy lets his guard down here, and spits the endearing goofball lines that any 'Ye fan loves ("rocking flannels all summer like Kurt Cobain"). The second verse is a litany of microcosmic moments from countryside drives and promises of 30-foot trains come wedding time, to ordering "a girl drink in a masculine glass." It's impossible not to apply a few of the more embittered lines to Amber Rose ("now she's back in the club wearing a tight dress"), with Kanye going on to admit he was "wrong." He prefaces the whole verse with an acknowledgement that "everybody got problems baby, algebra class." Even with all the money, "Power," and private jets, Kanye knows full well he can never outspend his problems. 

"White Dress"

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