Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Cherry"- Chromatics

In his act, Rodney Dangerfield often talked about "the heaviness" this almost indescribable entity preying upon you every move, constantly lurking just around the corner. That same "heaviness" is a permanent fixture in the Chromatics alternatively dreamy/dreary universe; where every relationship, every kiss, every "fleeting" moment has the weight of the world bearing down upon it.

"Cherry," the most recently-released single (following the superb "Looking for Love") from the forthcoming After Dark 2 compilation, is filled with those "fleeting moments." From the moment the crying synths and propulsive bass kick in, it's clear this relationship is headed towards "the light at the end." In a voice fit for the early hours of the morning, singer Ruth Radelet coos "I can't keep crying all of the time." She slowly sheds the weight of the world, realizing Cherry is a shadow, someone who "can be very sweet when she needs a friend." Radelet has been waiting for this shadow to step into the light and find what Radelet sees in her, but the moment never comes. As the track dissipates, its clear their relationship has become just another casualty  of the ever-present "heaviness."


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