Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Track Attack- "Yet Again"

If "Yet Again," was your intro into the insular world of Grizzly Bear, you'd probably picture them as the arena equivalent of indie-pop peers like the Shins. As those first chords cut the night air like a Ginsu knife, you can picture Ed Droste sulking around the stage as a sea of onlookers stand in rapt attention. When the rumbling bass, on-point drumming, and cavernous vocals join hands, the track ascends to a higher plateau, reaching for the heavens and coming up just short. Listening to the track, the second single to emerge from the forthcoming Shields, hard to imagine this is the band that began as a home-spun project dead-set on folksy hypnosis. On the track, Droste's voice is as tender as ever, but has been blown up and coated with a thousand shades of blue. "Take it all in stride, speak don't confide," Droste adjures as the song drowns in a maelstrom of sound. Even with the decibels ratcheted up, Grizzly Bear finds a way to whisper their secrets into our ears. 

Shields Tracklist:
1. Sleeping Ute
2. Speak in Rounds
3. Adelma
4. Yet Again
5. The Hunt
6. A Simple Answer
7. What's Wrong
8. gun-shy
9. Half Gate
10. Sun in Your Eyes

"Yet Again"

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