Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Revue- "No Idols"

Odd Future's resident stoner is back at with his sequel to last year's surprisingly solid Under the Influence mixtape. That tape served as a coming out party for Domo, who had previously been relegated to second-tier status in Wolf Gang behind the brasher Tyler and the M.I.A. Earl. And on the manic O.F. Tape Vol. 2, Domo was the clear-cut M.V.P. thoroughly outclassing his "opponents," at every turn. No Idols then, his third official mixtape is his coronation. 

The surprising thing about No Idols, is Domo's decision to partner with producer The Alchemist for the entire tape. The Alchemist has tended to mine the darker side of the stoner rap sound (see the blunted Gangrene project for proof), while Domo tracks typically bathe in warm sunlight and soulful vocals. That this tape is an outright home-run then is something of a minor-miracle. The Alchemist opens the blinds for a few rays of golden sun and Domo continues the solid spitting he's quickly becoming known for. The duo dip their toes in chipmunk soul on "All Alone," thrown off-kilter by vicious wrestling snarls. "Power Ballad," sports wickedly warped guitar and slices of what sounds like xylophone. Snatches of flamenco guitar creep up on "Till the Angels Come," and "The Daily News" plays like the B-side to the Halloween theme, complete with a great WWE Raw shout-out from Domo.  Throw in cohorts Tyler and Earl, mixed with scene-stealing verses from Action Bronson and Spaceghostpurrp, topped off with the phenomenal Freddie Gibbs and you have the recipe for a serious summer treat.

Download link:

1.  Prophecy
2. F**k Everybody Else
3. All Alone
4. Elimination Chamber ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, & Action Bronson
5. Power Ballad ft. Smoke DZA
6. Me and My B***h
7. Till the Angels Come ft. Freddie Gibbs & Prodigy
8. The Daily News ft. Spaceghostpurrp, Earl Sweatshirt, & Action Bronson
9. Gamebreaker ft. Earl Sweatshirt
10. The Feeling
11. No Idols ft. Tyler, The Creator

"Elimination Chamber"


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