Friday, June 8, 2012

"Channel Orange"- Frank Ocean Album

This morning a recently posted video from Frank Ocean's official Tumblr has been making the rounds. The mysterious minute and 45 second clip slow revolves around a parked car (nothing new for a Frank Ocean clip), as Ocean croons in an electro-soul swagger about a girl named Cleopatra working at the pyramid. Dubstep-tinged synths back Ocean up with a touch of on-point drumming as the clip comes to a screeching halt. The words "Channel Orange" are flashed and a date of July 17, 2012. Could this be the release date of a long-awaited Ocean LP? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy the clip and another car-centered video of Ocean's while you're at it.

NOTE: It's now official via Def Jam, this is the release date for the record which is titled Channel Orange. So much for the secret. 

"Channel Orange"

"Swim Good"

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