Sunday, January 4, 2015

Death Grips release instrumental album 'Fashion Week'

Early January is usually a quiet time for music releases, so it shouldn't necessarily come as any surprise that the corpse of Death Grips has reanimated to deliver an unholy racket entirely unprompted. At this point, the only thing we were expecting from the now expired band was jenny death, the second half of the powers that b.

The instrumental album Fashion Week then is a complete and total curveball that no one saw coming. The chaotic electropunk that Death Grips always cultivated is in full-effect, though MC Ride's voice never cuts through the chatter. Nevermind that exclusion because its thoroughly enjoyable from what I've heard, and actually goofy in the case of "Runway N."

Speaking of jenny death it looks like we can expect a physical release of the powers that b featuring both n***** on the moon and jenny death on February 10. If that sounds like an eternity from now, you have Fashion Week to keep you company and the knowledge that Death Grips love a surprise digital release.

(You can download Fashion Week through the band's website or Soundcloud and listen to it all on a YouTube playlist. It is worth pointing out that the song titles of Fashion Week spell out JENNYDEATHWHEN, so there's one more thing to tease you with.)

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