Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Good Ass Intro"- Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper's the sort of emcee to absolute geek out about if you have any love for rap music at all. He's got the "proper" respect for hip-hop's past, lovingly mining jazz and boom-bap rap samples with the giddiness of a teenager whose just heard Goodie Mob or Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth for the first time. And like any truly great rapper, he just makes it look way too easy on "Good Ass Intro," the first track off his starmaking Acid Rap mixtape. It's soulful without being preachy and Chance steps down from the pulpit to strut across the entire track. Something this dense and ear-grabbing would be easy to get buried under, but Chance is so cocksure, it doesn't even cross his mind that this is something he can't conquer. The head-turning first verse balances well-placed pill-popping assonance with late-night show namechecking that belies his years, "motherf***er money dance, hundreds zan, gotta lean, make a joke bout Leno's hair, then fall back on Fallon's spleen." With 2012's 10 Days he set the stage, and now with Acid Rap he's putting on a show. The introduction's already been taken care of.

Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap mixtape is out now, you can download here, you'll be glad you did. (Look for a review of the whole tape to come soon.)

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