Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Domo 23"- Tyler, the Creator

"Domo 23," the first single from Tyler's forthcoming Golf is almost too good to be true. The song plays out like a dejure distillation of the entire Odd Future catalog to date. A Spartan horn-section slowly teases the intro, as Tyler embraces his inner Biz Markie and incoherently warbles. The stomach-churning synths of Goblin are back in full-force, along with churlish keyboards ripped from page 1 of Bastard. After satirizing "bottle popping" and "model f***ng" in the first verse, the monolithic chorus drops, leveling everything around it with the cry of "f**k that, GolfWang." With such pugnaciousness its impossible for Tyler not to take a few shots, so in verse 2 he trolls the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival anti-domestic violence protestors that came out in droves to protest Tyler and the whole O.F. crew. "So a couple f*** threw a little hiss-fit," he raps with tongue-in-cheek before a cockroach crawls out and he retorts, "so I grabbed Lucas and filmed us kissing." In 2011, when the protest went down, Tyler hand-delivered cupcakes to the group and shouted them out during the Odd Future show. The sweetness of that moment is buried under the controlled chaos of "Domo 23," where every inch of the track is bursting at the seams. It's rare that a chorus consisting primarily of "f*** that" could provide respite, but on a track this unstable, clinging to the familiar is your only hope for survival. That is, until the beat drops.

"Domo 23"

Wolf is slated to drop April 2 via Odd Future Records, and Tyler will start touring in support of it March 13 with a show in Columbia, OH.

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