Friday, September 7, 2012

Track Attack- "& It Was U"

When listening to tracks by How to Dress Well, the words: glacial and murky instantly come to mind. Tracks like "Ready for the World" and "Suicide Dream 2 (Orchestral Version)" have a calculated coldness to them, grasping you with their frigid hands and dragging you into the R&B ether. "& It Was U," the third track to be released from the forthcoming Total Loss (set to drop Sept. 18) represents the thaw. The track has a lilting swing to it, conjuring up images of "Oh Sheila," and the entire 80s new-jack swing movement. "You don't have to worry," Krell coos in a multi-tracked falsetto voice. Even with the warmth, the inescapable longing that's come to define HTDW's work is there, threatening to freeze the track at any moment.

"& It Was U"


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