Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"The Recipe" ft. Dr. Dre

Recent rap-blog staple Kendrick Lamar is readying his major-label debut for Aftermath Records, the forthcoming Good Kid in a Bad City. In anticipate for the album, Lamar has dropped the Dre-featuring "The Recipe." The track sports the type of soulful sample that warmly embraced Lamar's Section 80 release from 2011. Easing in and out of triple-time lines, Lamar is in autopilot here and bombs the whole track. The real surprise is Dre though, who isn't know for flowing over something this soulful. Dre's voice is as husky as ever and he reaches for rhyme schemes most rappers his age wouldn't dare to do. The two even manage to bounce-off each at one point, sounding like a seasoned duo. It's a moment of master meeting pupil, an open love letter to Los Angeles and 20 years of G-Funk.

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