Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"February's Confessions"- Lil B

Hyper-prolific rapper Lil B seems to drop a new track everyday. Last Tuesday, January 31 saw the latest release in his Flame Series with White Flame. He's refused to slow down since and "February's Confessions" is the strongest to appear in White Flame's wake. The track begins with the simplistic twinkling of piano and a chipmunk-soul sample reminiscent of Kanye West. Here Lil B is in full-on confession mode, looking back on the past year and urging listeners to "live your own life." In the most affecting portion of the track, he wonders "why this happen to me?" It's a sterling moment on a shimmering song. Every track from the Based God can't be gold, but this one's a diamond in the ever-expanding rough.

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