Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's The Wolf!

Lock your doors and hide your daughters, because the ever-controversial LA rap-collective Odd Future is back with a new compilation album set to drop on March 20th. According to Rolling Stone, the comp will be entitled The OF Tape Vol. 2. Akin to the previous Radical mixtape from 2010, all the members of OF including crooner Frank Ocean will be involved, sans Earl Sweatshirt who is still M.I.A. The album will be officially-released through Odd Future Records and the Wolf Gang plans to promote the release with a 10-city tour.

In related news, MellowHype and Tyler, the Creator are both slated to drop their third albums this year. MellowHype has their album Numbers slotted for a summer release and we can expect Tyler to drop Wolf in the spring. Finally, hold out hope for Ocean's major-label debut which we may see before the year ends.

"45"- MellowHype 

"4 Tears"- Frank Ocean

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